This project is co-funded by the European Union within
the CIP Eco-Innovation initiative of the
Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme,CIP.

The Project

Project title: Regenerating PVC Hoses and Sponsoring Eco-Sustainability
Project acronym: RHOSES
Contract no. ECO/13/630219/SI2.681259
Start date of project: 20.09.2014
Duration of the project: 24 months

The RHOSES project aims at the first commercialization and large distribution of a novel product: a flexible, ecological garden hose, made up of a high percentage of recycled PVC obtained via the Vinyloop technique. The hoses will be manufactured by the Italian company FITT, leader in the gardening sector, and will be developed by regenerating PVC material found in used hoses and which is difficult to recycle as it is part of composite materials.


The RHOSES project is in line with three objectives of the eco-innovation program:

• Materials recycling: the product is made of recycled material; the production process entails a waste sorting phase where the producer engages himself in the collection and treatment of waste materials. Additionally, by promoting the commercialization of the final product through the L.O.D. (Large-scale Organized Distribution) channels, the project is able to create new market for the recycled product.

• Water: as part of this objective, there is the production of novel pipe materials. The technology applied for the production of irrigation hoses for the gardening sector may be further developed to be applied in other sectors such as pipes for building and agriculture.

• Greening businesses: the project favours the introduction of an eco-innovative technique to produce sustainable material with a low environmental impact that is demonstrable throughout its whole life cycle. The project promotes the direct substitution of materials with other having less impact as well as a mechanism that can be easily replicated for other products.

Innovation, design, high-quality products and comprehensive service: guided by these values, FITT® - since 1969- offers the market a wide range of standard and customized hoses for irrigation and industrial applications.

Thanks to a strong commitment to research and development, the Company wins the challenge of innovation constantly developing revolutionary patented materials and technologies. The on-going investments in R&D allow FITT to work with a wide range of thermoplastic materials, creating products with carefully targeted performance for specific types of application, even in challenging conditions. The use of patented formulas and latest-generation components allow us to offer innovative solutions compliant with the most stringent technical and regulatory requisites.

Capitalizing on production, sales and distribution facilities located throughout Europe, as well as strong manufacturing partnerships in America, China and Japan. the Company boasts a well-structured network stretching all over the world.