The RHOSES project aims at the first commercialization and large distribution of a novel product: a flexible, ecological garden hose, made up of a high percentage of recycled PVC obtained via the Vinyloop technique. The hoses will be manufactured by our company, leader in the gardening sector, and will be developed by regenerating PVC material found in used hoses and which is difficult to recycle as it is part of composite materials.

The project will lead to environmental benefits under different aspects:

• The used hoses to be recycled will be provided by consumers themselves in exchange of incentives for buying the new hose. This implies on the one hand an action of awareness raising of a vast public on the advantages associates to an environmental-friendly product. On the other hand, the recovery process (collection, transport, conversion) and related cost will be performed and continued by the project beneficiary as part of its business policy, as it will be able to recover used material and reintegrate it in the production cycle, thus allowing economic savings for the society.

• The PVC material is obtained via the Vinyloop technique: comparing Vinyloop recycled material with conventional PVC compound, the energy demand is 46% lower and the Global Warming Potential is decreased by 39%.

• Thanks to an innovative technology, we are able to produce hoses composed of 70% to 95% regenerated PVC with respect to the total weight of the hose, largely exceeding the maximum threshold of 50% to be generally found in traditional hoses.

• The environmental impact of hoses production will be in line with usual standards: savings in terms of energy and water consequent to savings in raw material will not be offset by higher consumption to produce the final good.

• The regenerated hose involves minor production costs thanks to the significant component of regenerated PVC.

• The product resulting from the regeneration process is made of eco-friendly PVC that is easily sorted and recycled at the end of the hose life.


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