The work-program will unfold in 7 work-packages. Technical WPs evolve from: plant production scale-up project; organization of the distribution network; implementation of the marketing strategy and collection and regeneration of used materials; assessment of the environmental benefits through LCA and continuous monitoring of output so as to check compliance with expected environmental, quality of product and costs parameters.
The work packages (WP2-WP7) are split in a way that supports the natural flow of introducing a new product into the market. The main output will be the development of a eco Vinyloop hose and its first commercialization and deployment phase, and parallel collection of old hoses.

Here the list of our project WPs:

WP1 Management : its main function is to synchronize the activities within the work plan, follow-up the milestones and make sure that the projects is well documented and reported. The management will include monitoring and risk assessment activities and will organize work and coordination with relevant target groups and key actors.

WP2 Production Scale up : The purpose of this work package is to install the technology in the production line and make all necessary adaptation and arrangements to ensure supply of material and ensure timely production in line with the market response to product commercialization.

WP3 Organization of the distribution and collection of hoses: The purpose is to organize and exploit the distribution network of the new hoses, associated with the recovery of used hoses, in the most cost effective and less impactful way. The work package will be reached thanks to the collaboration with Intercompany entities for the West Europe market and to the partnership with AUGMENT for the East Europe market.

WP4 Recovery and regeneration of old hoses: under this WP the technical operation of the plant is foreseen and linked to the other phases of the project, i.e. collection of PVC to be regenerated and distribution of final product, thus implementing the closed-loop process.

WP5 Impact evaluation through LCA assessment : LCA will consider the full environmental impact of the project, taking into account usage of resources within the production cycle; consumption, impact of distribution, effectiveness of material recovery.

WP6 Exploitation and Business plan: this WP will focus on the commercial policy, description of ‘bonus vs old hoses’ policy and its expected benefits, how the regeneration activity will be continued and sustained beyond the duration of the project. The work package will involve the partner AUGMENT to get local insights for the respective areas, laying the base for a more effective expansion in those markets.

WP7 Dissemination activities (joint dissemination in cooperation with EASME and with other eco-Innovation projects and related initiatives) This project phase is addressed to spread the overall project results and entails all activities to widen its impact and sustain replication.